1. How to enroll into online courses
  2. Just follow these 2 steps

    STEP 1: New User registration (Signup)

    Welcome Guest user
    1. If you are a new user, click here for signup . (Already registered, then click here to login).
    2. For a first time user, email based verification is required.(Tip: Please check your email SPAM folder also).
    3. Click on the validation link in the email and complete signup process.

    STEP 2: Payment of Course Fee

    1. Click on the course, you want to enroll. (Click here to see all courses)
    2. At the bottom of the module details, you can see an Add to cart button (It will show only if the course is available for enroll). Click on that and complete fee payment. After successful fee payment, you will get access to that module/course.
    3. If any doubt, please contact us (ezine.pravysoft@gmail.com)

  3. Hardcopy of UGC NET ELECTRONICS SCIENCE BOOK is available now?
  4. No, Publication of hardcopy was stopped in the year 2011. So fresh copy of the book is not available in the bookstalls. You can check your luck by visiting old bookstalls.

  5. Ebook is available now?
  6. No. Only Ezine is available...!

  7. What are the minimum requirements to watch ezine?
  8. Working internet connection. Laptop/Desktop/Phone/Tablet

  9. Why you are not supporting ebooks?
  10. Due to the piracy problem, we are not supporting pdf (ebook) version now. It is observed that, Some users put our effort in some website and torrentz sites. So ebook sharing is not available now.

  11. What are the difference between ezine and ebook?
  12. Our previous ebooks are shareable and no need internet connection to access the same. Becaus of some misuse of that ebboks, we are stopped ebook selling. For new Ezine version, the internet connection is required to access the module, also we are tracking IPs of all users to prevent multiple user logins.

  13. Why Some module's registration/booking is closed?
  14. We are enrolling a limitted number of user in 1 year, So after reaching that threshold, our website will automatically lock the registration and will show registration closed/booking closed message. If any user rolledout/expired from any modules, the website will show the availability and enroll user to that place.

  15. I enrolled into Module 1, but it is showing Plugin not supported error?
  16. Please use a desktop/laptop system to read ezine, also check flash player is installed in your computer. Normal Mobiles/tabs won't support flash, our ezine developed in flash and thus flash player supported browser is a necessary.

  17. I can share my username and password to others?
  18. NO, we are providing Ezine licence for single user only, sharing the content and sharing the username and password is considered as unethical. Our servers always checking the behaviour of users to prevent multiple logins.

  19. I got "User suspanded message" and unable to see the course materials, what I can do now?
  20. It may be due to our licence violation, you please contact ezine.pravysoft@gmail.com for more details.